First, a joke:

Q: What’s the difference between an engineer and a technician?

A: When things go wrong, the first thing the engineer does is pull out the schematic. The first thing the technician does is check to see if the thing is plugged in.

My dad, an engineer and the son and grandson of engineers, loved that joke, and so do I.  Why is hard for me to say; I think probably because it makes you think that we often think too linearly, and get stuck in problem-solving ruts, i.e., this is the way I fixed this problem the last time, so it must be the way problems like this get fixed.  A more succinct way to put it was in a little book called Think, which someone gave  me for my high school graduation.  The book was simply a thought on each page, and one such was “When you become too attached to a solution, notice how it becomes your next problem.”

My name is Kevin, and I am a website designer & developer, which makes me a little bit engineer, a little bit magician, and a bit artist as well. I studied Mediated Communication, and I think that also suits my vocation; what often gets lost in the shuffle of SEO and search engine rankings and other website performance metrics is that the Internet is primarily about communication. Sites that facilitate it succeed; sites that do not, don’t. Never has small business had such an opportunity to reach so many so easily. The potential rewards are large; probably half as large as the potential risks.

But simply having a platform to communicate isn’t enough.  Too often, what you’re trying to say can be lost when your design doesn’t suit, or is out-of-date or -context with what you’re hoping it says about you.  Time and again I hear “this design doesn’t work for me”.  Well, you as the client say, what’s wrong with that?  Because the design must work for the customer. Good engineering, good design, and the end-user are far too often treated as mutually exclusive.  Any solution worth pursuing must holistically embrace not just what you need, but how your clients will use your site (and not just how you hope they will use it, which is another problem.)

I have a passion for capital-C Communication.  I love the power of the Web.  And I have a real talent and eye for what works for end-users. Please have a look around at my site, and then let me know how I can be of service.